Friday, August 29, 2014

Out With the Crack of the Bat ...

Labor Day Weekend, the end of Summer - enhanced this year by the start of College Football, only fitting that we end the Season with the Boys of Summer.....

We met a group of Neil's school pals there for the game, this was where they were all sitting, but I saw another friend of ours sitting alone, so I went and joined her.

ONLY to find, here on the eve of the UGA / CLEMPSON game some random Toronto Blue Jay loving Clemson Tiger - all orange and purpled sitting right in front of me.

 Neil, Jack and his son Drew finally showed up to join Larissa, but I stayed down here anyway -
our " usual " seats. Scads of Canadians.... or at least Blue Jay fans ( Buffalo is the AAA for Toronto )
Spikes says good bye to summer! 

 The Wings won 3-2 , beating thurway rival Buffalo in the penultimate home game of the season, with the Redwings still holding on my their little birdie claws to a chance at the play off. Beat Buffalo again here tomorrow night and Pawtucket twice over there, and boom, we are back for some play off baseball next week..

Really a nice cap to a season that due to weather ( mostly ) and travel ( some ) did not have all that much baseball in it! 

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