Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dinner ( the long way around )

We will get to dinner....

Just some pics of again how lovely it was today.
The plants on our steps are just taking on a life of their own.
The light coming into the dining room this morning was just ...Vermeer like
Sitting out on the porch reading the paper this morning, I came across this story about a been-there-forever Coney Island Italian restaurant that is changing to " keep up with the times, etc " 

The featured restaurant is GARGIULO's there near the famed broardwalk and is a much beloved wedding hall type place - do check out the restaurant and check out the WEDDING MENU on the website... just amazing.

So , puts me in the mood for Italian food, bringing to mind one of my online favorites SARAH CAREY's mother's MANICOTTI .

I sort of love the fact that she was raised in a real hippy commune in freaking Woodstock, before heading off to Martha-land.

So, I pretty much followed that recipe - other than making my own marinara sauce, which I really should have blogged about . I did take a pic of the start of it :

Anything that starts with this many onions and anchovies is going to be good.

All we needed was some Dean Martin and one of those crayon drippy chianti bottles!
The Manicotti
Green Salad
Garlic Knots
my feet

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