Monday, August 18, 2014


" Life on Walton's Mountain "
 Pure news cold turkey - " hello, my name is Kyle and I need cable news "

The weather is just lovely this year , very chilly right now.

A late lunch today - some folks were only here till this afternoon,  photos were taken, but we are in an all but internet less world . For some reason tonight there is a strand tonight , but I can only get these two pics to upload.

Dessert this afternoon - and they were both off the charts yummy.

  • This is not a flourless chocolate cake, but a super dense " regular " cake with a dark chocolate almost bitter butter cream.
  • Blueberry cobbler with HOMEMADE LEMON GRASS AND GINGER ice cream. I am re-born, so good - and Elizabeth gave me the recipe. It is made with out a freezer.
I am going into town to Scott and Lisa's cafe tomorrow, so I can have some online time and will catch you up then.

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