Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A friend at St John's gave Neil a couple of tickets to tonight's game and was like old times tonight with " the gang " back together at the ball park. A sort of double header - the first game picking up in the 3erd post a rain out last night - and even this game started late due to MORE rain in our cool wet Summer. Started out very nice - breezy,  once the heavy rain left, it was somewhat sunny

This is Jack's row, not where our seats were

Started off splitting a pulled pork nacho -
Here it is the middle of August and this was the first one I had this year!
 Clouded up and a few random droplets fell - not really rain at all, 
but then turned windy and colder... 
 My main course
 There was some bench clearing almost all out brawl that I just totally missed the start of - 

 Lots of people lining up for coffee!

 Tuned out to be a pretty good game to watch, but in the end, we lost in 11, which was 
really only 8. The second game did not even start until about 10:15 - so we ( and 90% of the crowd ) left after the first game. The Wings did win #2.



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