Sunday, August 3, 2014


A Kodaless drippy wet back yard , under the shed most of the time
Some country ribs ( which I have decided can mean just about anything, but these were good  ). I just sort of par-boiled/braised them for about an hour in a little water/ cider vinegar and onion , along with some cumin seeds, which Neil decried and put in a request for " some American food  ". Just went on the grill to finish cooking and add some sauce.

The broccoli is so easy and so very good, just quick blanch ( much less than if you were going to eat it right away ) and shock! the stalks - then onto the grill - when they have some marks and a hit of smoke, stick in a ziplock or tupperware that has some olive oil and flavors in it - or just some Italian dressing. Sort of move it around in the oil and let the final cooking be the self made steam....


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