Sunday, August 3, 2014


Like so many hunters and gathers of old, the modern day gardener goes from house to house sniffing , comparing and in our case gloating , while never admitting that is what is going on. I'm sure its been done this way for generations. Today we were off to the annual visit to the intown garden of Charlie and his lovely ( very friendly ) wife. Rare for one to be in the city of Rochester, but it is a very nice garden, as I have reported here for years. I made an almost instant faux pas , but saying that Neil , the Iris Man, had just as many, if not more day lilies that Charlie, the Day Lily guru..... ooops.

Neil -n- Charlie
A break in our never ending summer of rain for a bit to go over - open the car door and BOOM, my head just closed down, ( when I say this , I mean my ears sort of just slam shut , and my eyes just go into instant itch mode ) It has been a long time since this happened so tottally and quickly, and that was always with Christmas trees.
We were late in the season visiting giving much more time for the new Christmas Tree : ANY LILIES at all! ( something about me and Christians ? )

This brooding Hydra was , I am not in my hyperbolic Southern voice here, over 10 feet tall, I really wish I could have got Neil to stand by it and take a photo. His head would have been lower than all the red and white drooping blossoms of death, but just getting this close sent me into coughing fits that would have fit easily into La Bohene - AND there were loads of just normal sized ones as well. I made a hasty retreat back to the car and let Neil visit .....
Odd, it really had been such a very long time since something this severe happened to me...But as soon as I am clear , I am just fine.

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