Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Made it to see GOTG today and LOVED IT.

I intentionally did not read much if anything at all about the movie before today - because this team of Guardians is light years past the Guardians from my misspent youth. Vance Astro is now the adorable Peter Quill , 1/2 earthling, 1/2 something else and an all new band of much more exciting team mates.
That said this movie goes DEEP into the Marvel vault to pull out just all sorts of bits and bobs from so many different comics and the recent movies.
Not that you have to be able to connect all these dots, it is just a fine movie on its on, but really enhanced if you do know what the Nova Corps and the Kree are. The thing that GOTG has that the others Avengers etc don't is the humor and so not taking itself IRON MAN, WE ARE so COOL serious. Sure, it would be hard to try and go all high/low art with a talking raccoon, but still...

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