Tuesday, November 1, 2016


New month - man, October just totally got away from me all together. I think that was the least amount of posts I have ever done in one month - unless we were at Pompanuck or someplace with out internet. I am just at sixes and sevens all in knots over the election. Obsessed with 538 / Nate Silver when Hillary was riding high, you know FRIDAY, fearful to go there now. Russians, the FBI, all those Trump women, EMAILS on and on and on, it is just getting to be more than my brain can take.

I just want it over. Maybe we will dig into numbers on here each of the seven days left  or not . I guess it is just white knuckle time - having faith in the American people that we will not , that we can not elect this clown to follow up the Obama's.

" Eight days " ? But, it is only seven days till the big vote. Yes, but we have to survive THAT day...

So, if you have stuck around with the slim pickins of last month, hold tight for a little bit longer - close your eyes and think of 270. We can get through this together.

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