Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 13 - The End Times

 28 - 27

Not going to lie, this one hurt ( stings ) and partly because it was unexpected. Going into the 4th with 13 unanswered points from the third, me and obviously the team thought this one was in the bag. " Where are we going to watch the Iron Bowl ...". The Nats had other plans - aided greatly by a foolish late in the quarter interception thrown on our part. Plenty of blame to go around... never ever a good idea to let your guard down like that. Stupid Jackets trash the hedges , yet again.

I've always really hated losing to Tech, in Athens or Atlanta. 1984, 1985. '89 and '90 - thinking they would always come in pairs until the dark days of 98 - 00, first three in a row since 61-63. Funny thing is I really enjoy going to games in Atlanta.

Kirby Smarts first year comes to an end. The only year that he will play 100% with Mark Richt's players - that can not be stressed enough. NOT making excuses for him ( even if I do like him so much more that St Richt . Both coaches going 8 - 4 their first years at their new jobs.  The only real bright spot of this season was beating Auburn, which is never something to take lightly - at least he beat one of the hated teams.

Low points were many, last second of the Tennessee game, ANY year you lose to Vandy, same old same old in Jax and then yesterday. Close your eyes and think of 1980 and next year. But I do have a good feeling .....

Saturday September 2, 2016 . The hedges will be fixed and we will welcome Appalachian State to between them.

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