Wednesday, November 23, 2016

T + 24

 I needed just a couple of things to get ready for tomorrow - the store was no where near as crazy as it could have been, or was wild as I have seen it. This is around two o'clock.
 They had all sorts folks in the parking lot directing traffic, greeters and people in the middle of all the big aisles there to help. That Wegmans thing in full force.

 There were a lot more turkeys las week, I guess everyone did shop early. One of these bad boys will come home with me , marked way down Friday or Saturday.
 Wonder if this bad boy will go to half off ( not that I could afford it even then )
Turkey , dressing, sweet potatoes, Squash ( which is really good ) 
and cranberry relish - add a 6 buck pumpkin pie and the lazy person ( or working persons ) 
Thanksgiving is set. Maybe some green beans or brussles sprouts.

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