Sunday, November 6, 2016


27 - 24

Georgia vs Kentucky 2016, or as the SEC Network announcers, Brent Musburger and Jessie Palmer called it : " Not the Alabama / LSU game ", really. Yes, our game was a tiny bit of an unimportant unranked snoozer - but everyone watching had a remote control that could take us back and forth , from game to game with the merest movement of our thumbs. The big game down in the bayou was not all that terrible exciting either - going into the 4th 0 - 0.

But back to ours ... it was a bit of an important game for both schools playing. Kentucky was on a bit of a roll having won over Vandy, Mississippi State and Missouri in the last three weeks. And us, well we just needed to stop the bleeding, change the conversation - which thanks to the foot of Rodrigo Blankenship we did. QB of tomorrow had a good week, or at least a better one.. so things COULD be looking up. This does help us get to a bowl game - which in the time of 400 bowl games does not seem like that big of a deal. But, someone , I forget who pointed out - that a bowl game gives the team almost a full month of practice that other wise would be lost , practice not just for the game itself ( hello, Orlando ! ) but for 2017 - lay down some roots..

A field goal to win the game with 00:02 on the clock - not the pressure I needed in my already fragile state, but great to take my mind off of Tuesday for a bit yesterday. No tailgate, I was a watching party of one - Neil has the mack daddy of all nasty chest colds. I made a big pot of tortilla soup, good for him. I think a 7:30 kick off is almost as hard as noon to tailgate for - harder really, because for noon you really can do brunch, I am just rarely that motivated that early in the am. 

Next week and AU is SEC on CBS and the perfect 3:30 kick off, so all bells and whistles for that. Auburn is not going to blow us out next week - they had a tuff time with Vandy , like we did .. so we could win the last three games. AU, Louisiana (?? ) and GT , all three home games. 

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