Wednesday, November 2, 2016


One for the ages! 108 years in the making the Chicago Cubs came back from being down three games to one to the Cleveland Indians to win it all in game seven of the World Series. AND WHAT A GAME IT WAS!

Really , it had it all. Playing in Cleveland the home team was down 3 to 6 but had a wild and very exciting three run bottom of the 8th . ALL TIED UP... not a finger nail left in the stadium . That is how regular play ended but going into the top of the 10th there was a rain delay, like the whole country was not on edge enough. In the end the Indian bullpen just failed to get the job done loading the bases ( with a couple of very odd intentional walks ) allowing the Cubbies to score the two needed to put the put the game away - but even then the plucky little Clevelands did get one in the 10th to keep everyone paying attention.

So cograts to the CUBS!  Winning is fun, as Cleveland will remember , my Braves beat them to win the Series in 1995. Happy for the fans they seem to be real die hards. I was secretly rooting for the Indians, but that is just my big time crush on Sherrod Brown AND his lovely wife Connie,

Looks like they were having a good time.

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