Monday, November 14, 2016

Sure, it was indeed the end of the world as we knew it.. and I am starting to feel fine.

There are worse themes than REM.

For me at least, the initial punched in the gut feeling is gone. I am no long walking through water. Tomorrow will be a week - it literally seems like a month. Kept the news black out for a bit but have gone back in, not like it can make me feel worse. It still comes in waves, sort of panics. Neil is not taking it as well.

The other night watching THE CROWN it , just from out of the macabre blue, hit me that Prince Phillip is easily pushing 100 and , well like it or not, will be called home at some point. Could be in the next four years, who knows. But if he does, then Donald Trump and the East German will go to the funeral representing all of us... HE IS THE HEAD OF STATE! It will not be just  about sexually assaulting women and breaking up Mexican families. He will go to Storm ravaged parts of the US and be the griever in chief. He will host State Dinners. He will go to G 12 meetings. Donald Trump will be the face of America, along with the East German and the Children of the Corn ( all of whom look like to quote Steele Magnolias " look as if they are made of cream cheese ".) 

His first big interview on 60 Minutes last night made me feel a little bit better. At least he can play not bat shit crazy on tv.. and dug out of the darker recesses of his ass " Marriage Equality is settled law ", ALL while filling the West Wing transition with some of the loudest voices in GOD HATES FAGS movement. Too early to even try and wrap my brain around what he really thinks.

A couple of people were really mean to me, which I took very hard. On Facebook, as we do things now, and sort of random. I dont know if they were just hopped up on the victory that they just needed to mean to some Clinton supporter, or just did not understand exactly where I was. How hard I was taking this. I very much hope I never did this to any McCain or Romney folks, I doubt I did in person, because it was not fun. Hurts when it is from people that you thought were your friends.

I ended up just blocking a few folks, just didn't want to see the hatred towards someone who I admire so very much. Healing is slow for sure, and does not at all seem to be where the country is right now. Lots of marching and shouting from the left and brand new found OUTRAGE from the right that folks are not respecting the office of the presidency.

This is reality now, Paul Ryan working as hard as he can to rip apart THE NEW DEAL and THE GREAT SOCIETY. The President Elect palin around with Putin. And it really has only been six days.....

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