Monday, November 21, 2016


Friday , full blown shorts and t-shirt weather, record heat of the day, 74 degrees I think. Mid November in almost Canada, Thanksgiving week. Nothing to see here. It really was just a lovely day , but super hard to wrap your head around as it gets dark so early on what was a very nice really fall day. That was then.

We had warning this one was coming, but I think how big it was shocked the weather bots on our local tv , who are very used to snow. We have talked about lake effect snow on here before. Cold Canadian air, warm great lakes... Buffalo and Watertown get buried , as a rule we are safe. This was something freaky and brand new .. this was lake effect snow off the Georgian Bay way up and Canada and AND these bands of snow made it all the way to New York City and Long Island. Just a rocket ship of snow blasting out of Canada and cutting a path through New York. I wish I had saved a radar capture .. it was just freaky looking.

This was early Sunday afternoon , just a dusting on the ground, but it just did not stop all the way till Monday morning, dropping 15+ inches on us.

This was when it was really picking up , Sunday night

Our only saving grace was the howling winds that kept the snow moving. Knee deep in places that had no wind, easily walkable in others.
HOPEFULLY not the way that Winter is going to be this year.

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