Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Much anticipate - the trip back to Harryland... but this one fell just a tiny bit short for Neil and I. Sure it was fun to go back in time , dip back into the wonderful mind of JK Rolling, but this is 70 years before Harry and the gang board that first train. Moved to America as well... maybe that was part of the problem for me. Where as all the , well most of the , British wizard world seems slightly quirky and full of whimsy America seems like a dark almost fascist place, dark and scary. Not a Mrs Weasley and a pot of tea to be found...

Not that it did not look good, and parts of it down right scary. I think this was fully just a world building movie, setting the scene for the rest of the ones to come. Plus, maybe it was just our theater, but I could not really understand a word that Eddie Redmain was saying - he was using some sort of freaky accent.

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