Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week - I have lost track ... next to last.... It has been that kind of season .

35 -21

For only the 4th time in UGA history they have done the black out thing. All started with the Auburn game a while back ( '07? ) and a fine victory! Let's do that again - can't remember who and won. The black shirts must be magic. Then the next year, Bama came between the hedges, we broke out the magic black jerseys .. and they went straight funeral. Red it was.

But I guess this team wanted a little mix up, so against University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we done the black - in the middle of the day. ( seems to work better at night... ). A win is a win, not that it matters all that much here in the WE BEAT AUBURN season of 2016.

I could not find the game at first , it was on the spare SEC Network channel - and it was broadcast in super low something with bad sound. College football by Skype. We had to leave before it was over, looked like most everyone there did as well. Rebuilding ! and TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH.

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