Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. P meet Mr. K.....

Capt. Billy O'Reilly got all up in the grill of " the Fox Liberal" Alan Colmes last night about ,of all things, Al Jazeera. Now, as a rule, we here at the k+b could give a rats patootie about what goes on over at Americas #1 cable news channel. ( YOU LIE! ) but, it turns out that I have been watching for the very first time , hours of Al Jazeera. I was expecting to watch talking burkas tell me about demon America and it came across  - to me- as almost BBC-ish. After watching fools on all the news channels, including Fox, sit and talk to each other and extrapolate on what was happening on the ground ( What does Dr. Phil think about what is going on in Cairo ?!? ), Al Jazeera was a breath of fresh air.

"UnAmerican" me liked the NON American spin on the news........

But back to last night, Bill and Al are having their shouting match with the required Fox blond that watches, when ( from huffpo )  " O'Reilly and Colmes then started shouting at each other, with O'Reilly saying that there was no balance to what was, in his view, a constant stream of objectionable statements on Al Jazeera
( full story with video, that I could not take, first thing in the morning )

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