Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A match made in retail heaven

Bloomberg Business via the AJC is telling us that once uber top drawer ( now part of some global INC that offers of all things extra slim fitting shirts... why', back in my day your bbbd could double as a sail, if need be...) BROOKS BROTHERS is teaming up with certain NCAA schools to slap some logos on some pants n stuff.
"According to Bloomberg business wire, Brooks Brothers, the alleged “oldest” and probably “stuffiest” men’s clothier chain in the U.S., has deemed UGA worthy of its first attempt at licensed college merchandise.Fifteen schools made the cut, and a few of them don’t even have decent football teams. Brooks Brothers included a string of Southern schools because, according to the Bloomberg article, men here like to “wear ties” to football games. We also like to stick bottles of Jack Daniels in our boots, so hopefully the distillery and Tony Lama will call soon.
The Bloomberg article says college sports fans spend more money than followers of any pro sport. It’s a good thing we’ve got the NCAA around to keep the sins of cash away from student-athletes.
Gawker, in a factually-challenged attempt at humor, says Brooks Brothers has “inadvertently revealed America’s whitest colleges.”

Here’s the complete list:

* Alabama
* Auburn
* Boston College
* Cornell
* Georgia
* Georgetown
* Harvard
* Notre Dame
* Ohio State
* Princeton
* Stanford
* U.S. Naval Academy
* Vanderbilt
* Virginia

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