Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week Seven

Well, at least it was not raining.


I have been going to UGA games since, I think 1977, maybe '78, either way I have been following University of Georgia football for most of my life. And sure there was a decade or so that most of the ends of games were a bit blurry - but I do think I can say with out reservation, that this was the worst game I have ever seen UGA play.

We did eek out a win , and a W is a W.. but how we did it was slow and sloppy and uninspired and ugly and silly and trite. Only the fact that Missouri is jus that horrible got us the win. No touch downs were scored in the game, first time that has happened since the Kentucky game of '95 where the Dawgs won 12 - 3. Both teams were just not there tonight , or both teams are just that bad.

Nothing other than the weather went right for the team. First possession after kick off and our less than brilliant qb bounces the ball off his man and into the arms of a waiting tiger who ran it back to the one. Lucky the overall weakness of  Missouri kept them from winning. It just became laughable towards the end in what looked like a bad excuse for a pee wee league game came close to going into overtime tied at 6 all.

Bye week coming up as always pre the Cocktail Party. Florida came real close to beating what should be the #1 team in the country tonight , LSU. Im thinking things along the St John's are going to be nasty. 

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