Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Perfect for Halloween
The Breakdown : HILLARY BAD, GOVERNMENT BAD, MEDIA BAD... blah , blah, cut taxes for the rich.

The start of this debacle of a debate was just so uncomfortable for me that I almost just went back to my new book. It just puts me so ill at ease for all 10 of them to be shouting at one another and the moderators all at the same time, so desperate, needy and rude. It got better as the time went on, they did stop totally talking over one another. But it just seemed so very unprofessional .

There are just too many actors up on that stage, and the powers that be in the GOP need to do something about it or they are never ever going to get rid of Trump and Carson. There is not enough oxygen in the room to sustain all of these players.

A little bit of a shock when the screen time came out right after the fade to black, I was very surprised, I figured it was going to be the Rubio / Cruz show but no

Fiorna wins again!

Even though she was far from winning tonights debate. Tonight was , in my opinion Marco Rubio's night as he landed lots and lots of good GOP friendly jabs at Hillary, the others on the stage and the biggest boogie man of all the media. ( all that GOP black money does not matter - the DEMS have Anderson Cooper , or something like that )
I dont think Trump hurt himself either , bad for the others - and church mouse Carson hardly made a peep other than not hating the gays at all, which will do his campaign wonders , since the more he talks the more he worse off he is.

So no super stand out winner, but man was there ever a big time loser in Colorado tonight. Jeb! had to , had to, had to get some traction tonight , and for what ever reason decided to kick that off with a very poorly planed attack on his fellow Floridian Rubio over his voting recored in the Senate, and it just fell so fat guy belly flop bad on the folks there in the hall, and was shrill and desperate to those watching at home. I just dont think he wants to be President at all, I think his dad wants him to.. and he is just going through the motions . Will be very surprised if he is in this come the next one of these gatherings.

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