Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Adventures in Leaf Peeping

We knew that Monday was going to be a perfect Fall day, so Neil decided it was time for me to visit his old stopping grounds and so off on a meandering trip through  upper up state NY , seeing as much of the Adirondacks as we could.

The foliage was at its peak and every curve of the road brought a more beautiful vista. Explosions of perfect fall color everywhere you turned your head.
Great swatches of reds, oranges and yellows all capped higher up on the mountains by the deep green blue of the evergreens.

These photos are all from my phone, and I did not take a great deal of pictures as I was the driver - so when I get more of Neils, Ill show them as well.

Tiny and some not so tiny lakes just everywhere here in this amazing park

We visting Whiteface Mountin, one that cars can drive all the way to almost the summit, and them an elevator to the tip top.
I was a little weary at first , but after a while I was really enjoying the one of a kind views. The next tallest mountain looking north from here is over the globe, in Siberia .
Koda was out for a little of it, there were several dogs -

There is long tunnel inside the mountain that takes you to an old elevator up to the top
On days as clear as this you can see Montreal, and I think I did
Just amazing, the hightest I had ever been not in an airplane
there were lots of people at the top

Then off to our great little inn for the night

 The pups that live there
 The beautiful views

 We then went to dinner at a place right up the road, that I can not remember the name but will add it later on. Very nice people and food

 One of the best burgers I ever had an a good local beer
 We then went back and hung out around the fire pitt with the very cool and interesting owner of the Inn. The Inn is a side job, his real job and passion are making furniture and art out of natural tree growths. Neil got more photos, which I will share,. He was just a super nice and fun man.
Some of his work...

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