Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gimme that old time religion...

Or in this case that old time church casserole. Watching my new best forever pal Vivien go crazy over Miss Daisy's church homecoming casserole on this past weeks A CHEF'S LIFE , I had to make it.

There is no printed recipe but it is pretty easy. 

Sweat onions and bell pepper down - I added a carrot , because I always do.
when they are soft add ground chuck and brown - drain fat when cooked and add 1 can of cheddar cheese soup and 1 can of cream of mushroom, heat through.

Line the bottom of your casserole dish with a good layer of chopped green cabbage, then a layer of potatoes, cover with the meat mixture .

Then cover the dish with foil - 350 for 50 min - foil off 10 more to brown..

 This is so out of my wheelehosue when it comes to a style of cooking, but I am so in love with the show and the out right hard core nostalgia that it stirs up in my ex pat soul that I had to make this casserole.
 It tastes just like what you think a very nice older southern lady's church homecoming casserole would taste like. Nice, filling and bland. I dont cook enough with the condensed soups to know how to season them. I assumed they would be very salty - and did not add any extra seasonings at all, which was a mistake.

If you make this, and if you ever have a big crowd to feed, use A LOT more cabbage that is called for in the video - use a whole half a head, because it cooks away to nothing. Also cut your potatoes a little bit thicker and over lap them. Maybe a chili or some garlic in the meat - do add salt and pepper.

 You know it is what it is - and it will forever be my new go to Baptist Church Homecoming casserole...
I also made a quick apple crisp

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Carolyn T said...

I had to chuckle as I read your post about the casserole. I saw the segment too, and was intrigued - it's just such an old fashioned comfort food casserole, and I assumed it would be wonderful. I'll take your suggestions in mind if I do decide to make it - more cabbage and more seasonings. I buy a dry mushroom soup mix (by Maggi) that tastes a whole lot better than Campbell's can-type, so I might use that too. I scribbled like mad as I watched the show, but realized that maybe a couple of little things got lost in the video, so I went on the 'net looking and found yours. So, thanks for making it more clear!