Saturday, October 24, 2015


The lives that the other side lives.Doing things on a fall Saturday - shocking. 

Oscar written all over this one for everyone in its shadow. Neil knew much more of the Apple product history than I did, even though I was fully aware of some very early Apple goings on - was pretty intimately involved. But, computers pre internet were just bulky typewriters to me, not worthy of a second thought.

This movie is VERY Aaron Sorkin - so if you can not follow or do not think you would like CJ Craig on many many double espressos then this might not be the film for you. Sorkin's words are every bit a character as are Fassbender and Winslet, and all three are just fantastic.

This is not a bio pic, not a history of Apple, not even a linear story. You drop in on three very specific moments in Steve Jobs life. A fly on the wall watching the sausage get made. So not always pretty - but turned out to be magical. 

It is his world now, even with him not here anymore - and we just live in it.

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