Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II hosted the President of the Peoples Republic of China in a State Visit. Do the British do it better - in a word : YES. ( but they do have that 1000 years of doing it ahead of us.. so.)

#1 their tabloids cover them from soup to nuts making my job so much easier with just links 
instead of time and time searching every where on the internets for pics like when the US does it.

Tons of photos of the Royal welcome and the dinner and Menus etc

All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge as she attend her first state dinner where she sparkled in a glittery Jenny Packham gown and the famous lotus flower tiara ( which has its own web page )

Kate was seated in most prominent position for female member of royal family after the Queen - as the wife of the second in line to throne, she takes William's status when she accompanies him, so outranks blood princesses "

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