Monday, October 19, 2015

We are such nerds.

Yes, he is all the cute

We spent the night mostly watching C-Spans broadcasting the CBC election coverage. I am not really sure why , other than the smell of Conservative defeat, I had been following the Canadian election pretty closely the last couple of weeks. Maybe is was a little baseball bleed, who knows.

It was a fun election night to watch as a red wave - in this case red is the Liberal color, swept over Canada. Just like watching the British elections, which nerdy Kyle also does - there is so much less to do about theirs. No crazy graphics and loud into music. The hyperbole kept to a minimum - as just the regular CBC guy and some experts sort of talked us through it.

It seemed that every last Canadian was just totally burned out and O-V-E-R this never ending THREE MONTH campaign

In a speech that the CBC referred to as " Obama -like "

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