Thursday, October 15, 2015


Yeah, I am being a little bit of a total poser jumping onto this BLUE JAYS bandwagon. But truth be told they are my second most visited MLB team , and the closest team to us. Toronto does hold a special place for us and all. So screw it GO JAYS !

I do watch a lot of baseball - sometimes just as background noise since it is mostly the Mets or hatedYankees that I watch - but I am a pretty serious fan. Only saying that to preface that fact that Wednesday nights game 5 of the ALDS was THE most wacky ball game that I have ever seen. Had to be one of the strangest innings every played in baseball. And it turned out be be a blast to watch.

The Braves were beyond sucking this season, getting ever so close to the mythical 100 loss season and it looks like my beloved Bulldogs are headed for a 3- 4 loss season. SO.. like I have said befoe winning is just more fun.

Down to 4 teams now as the Mets beat the Dodges to clinch tonight. KANSAS CITY v TORONTO and the CUBBIES v The Mets. Wanting Toronto to take it all - but if not then the Cubs I guess...

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