Sunday, October 4, 2015


38 - 10

It's been about 24 hours since the game ended - was that really the score? Seems like it had to be MUCH more than only 38 points, seemed watching through all that rain falling in Athens that the Crimson Tide scored every time they got near the ball. Heck, they did not have to even be in possession of the darn thing to score, the ball just found its way into the end zone for Alabama.

I have been paying attention  UGA football for - seriously close to 40 years, and that was as bad a turn out as I can remember the team having. THE RAIN! Yes, the weather was horrible and a factor for sure - but it looked like, at least from Mendon that it was raining on the visiting team just like it was the Bulldawgs.

They knew this was coming, the entirety of the Bulldawg Nation had been on pins and needles for weeks , suffering though the demise of the once great Satan and all the cupcake teams that were lined up just to get us ready for this day - and Georgia did what they seem to always do these days , came out flat and went down hill from there. The University of Georgia does not win big football games.

 Why is that, why in 2015 is this a reality ? UGA Athletic Dept has a Treasury  printing press somewhere in the far reaches of Butts Mehre where they just print out all the money anyone , any team could ever want. They are the second most profitable college team behind the University of Texas - which SUCKS as a football school. So it is not money.

Every year we are blasted with the #1 recruits that pick UGA to play football at - always a top school there , so that can't be it. Not the finical situation, not the players - very much not the fans who are there bleeding red and black as they trek from one feckless bowl to the next year after year. Really leaves only one factor then , and that is the great unmentionable. 

I read everything I could last night and today about the game, and even after that beat down on our home field, that embarrassment on national tv - there were almost as many Richt supporters on the comment sections of the papers as there were folks who could say the emperor has no clothes. I have no idea what it will take for some real changes to happen there. But as a long time fan, I hope they can come soon.

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