Sunday, September 4, 2016


33 - 24

Started off the game like I always do with some war eagle sized butterflies in my stomach. The talking heads on Game Day were pretty sure that the Other Carolina was going to be all over UGA like ... well tar on your heel. Is Nick Chubb healthy, why are we not starting our phenom #1 recruit freshman quarterback, brand new coach on and on.

I know NOTHING about this program, we never ever play them. Heck, its a basketball school = but blah blah blah, some coach some player, this was their year, something something , and I was worried. THEN we sort of came out of the chute a little sluggish, went Chubb up the middle way to many times, and missed a very doable field goal - UGA MISSED A FEILD GOAL ? That is not supposed to happened, land of the great kickers and all. Super sloppy special teams with a long kick off return for 7 for the argyle clad North Carolina.

But in the end that old UGA magic came through with a late game great  55 yard run by Chubb, who is way healthy and some pretty impressive work by that freshman qb, and a most enjoyable outing for Kirby Smart . Who is pretty much the anti Mark Richt on the sidelines and I LOVE IT. Now if we can just get him to drop the Vince Dooley in the game interviews, it is ok, Coach Smart to say we are a good team and are going to win.

A really nice way to start of the year.

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