Tuesday, September 6, 2016


No secret that I love AAA baseball. The Rochester Redwings are a much loved institution here in upstate/western/fingerlaky New York. Around since the late 1800's it is tradition, it is summer , it is just good wholesome fun for the whole family. And that is part of it, folks can easily afford to bring their families out to a Redwings game. Tickets can be cheap as chips and there are all kinds of food deals through out the week. Im sure it is much cheaper than going to a movie with your family these days.

Im not sure where the Wings stand in attendance , they were all happy when the big number flashed at the final game this year. Im sure that had a lot to do with the weather - hot and sunny is rare for this part of Canada. I do however know where the Gwinnett Braves stand when it comes to attendance. Dead last - in the whole country, both AAA leagues, and the powers that be are starting to freak out.

It looks like a very nice little park, and I have been to several AAA parks. Easy access , loads of parking. They unlike the Redwings ( or the Atlanta Braves ) are in IL Post Season - ( good tickets available for this weekends games,  I just checked ). But no one seems to care.

So whats the deal, a sweet little park a winning team and crickets!

Like I said the Liberty Cable overlords are starting to get a little freaky, or maybe its the GB front of the house - if they are not one and the same. The main idea that they are floating around is changing the name from the Braves ( no other AAA team has the same name, but the Braves always have ) to .... THE GWINNETT BUTTONS. Go ahead and google if you dont know. I dont really see that as helping. I really dont think people are confused . ( another brainstorm was GETTING TEBOW !! )

The suits at evil Liberty Cable have not read enough W.P. Kinsella. Baseball is different - it is as much memory as the present. Baseball is stats on stats on stats and doing things the way that they have always been done. It is also about place, and pride in place. I am from Atlanta, born there, and I wear an Atlanta Braves hat almost every day ( right now I can find my good Bulldawg hat, so I have not switched over ) And this park is slap dab in the middle of a non place. 

What  exactly is a Gwinnett? - rather than changing the name, give them a town, not a sprawling county - they can not move, they have a inked in 12 years left on the deal to move there. Make it about people, not about the game, that comes with the ticket. Baseball unlike football is a win or lose sport. For a football team a loss can be the season, in baseball there is most always tomorrow. It's all summer long.

 I am sure that the all the THEY are praying that this is not a precursor of things to come with the new COBBCO Braves....

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