Monday, September 19, 2016


It had been so very long since we had a late ballgame like this. Seven thirty, a tailgating dilemma.

Earlier in the week when we had those really cool nights, I was all the ready to push fall and do a big pot of chili with all the usual tailgate fixing. But, the cool did not last long and our freakishly hot for almost Canada summer just keeps rolling along, so chili was out. So, I thought I would do a brisket - some sort of bbq beef  - good for a late in the day tailgate - but that would involved me going to the store the night before , getting the brisket, and getting it in the oven for its long low cook - which I did not do.

I got up in time for game day, and then started watching some game - the time ticking by to me to decide what to do, when Neil just chimed in with KFC was fine with him. Lazy man's tailgate it was. And the most fun I have had in a good long while watching our game.

" I gave up, you did , too "

I realized as that game clock ran down that UGA fans are not accustomed to winning games like that - no , we won't score in the final minute of the game. We will give it our best Mark Richt try, then hug he coach across the field, and pray with the team to accept this loss. But that is not what happened - GEORGIA showed some spunk - they wanted to win! And win they did. Yes, it was just ( just ) Missouri, but it was a change of corse, a change of mindset , or at least that is what it looked like to me. And it felt great!

We may be having lazy man's tailgate more often. It is a lot of food, some twenty dollar deal - we had it for supper the next night as well.

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