Thursday, September 22, 2016

Date Night

Neil surprised me, or if he told me - I forgot, that we had tickets to one of the Fathom special movies tonight. AND a second surprise - there was a Mexican restaurant right across the street from the theater

Unlike Atlanta where there is a cheap Mexican restaurant on every other corner , they are blue moon hens teeth up here - this theater is not at all close to our house. So an extra special night.
My Honey

My Dinner

I knew next to nothing about Miss Saigon. It was the Phantom guys all back together again and there was a helicopter. Really - that is close to it. I knew that it had played a really long time in both London and Broadway, but I had never even listened to the soundtrack before.

This was the big surprise of the night. It is a blow you away Amazing musical! The film tonight was the 25th anniversary " gala " performance of the original 1989 opening on the West End. Just amazing talent - and songs and a score that were just amazing. So happy that Neil thought to get these for us, it was sold out.

After the full show, there was a break and they did a little mini performance with the 1989 and 2014 cast , funny how just in 25 years things have changed, including the theater. In '89, a lot of Asian rolls were played by westerners, Jonathan Price being one of the Asian leads ( as far from Asian as you can get ) . In the revival all the parts are given to the right actors.

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