Thursday, September 15, 2016


The start of Ward Stare's second season at the Rochester Philharmonic , yes there was a " gala " - no, we did not go. Im not at all sure I am a gala guy, or really am even sure what makes a party a gala. It was pre game - and it could not have been all that much fun because as we were getting there we spotted Ward parking his car. Meaning he was not at the party all that long. But I am sure that it was a lovely event for those that did go.

This one was sort of a surprise from Neil - I think he got the tickets late, and I did not even look where they were - since we did get them a little bit late. But Third row, right on the aisle!


First up was a little short appetizer of 

( yes, I was thinking it was a tone poem about the bum plant, it was not )

This was amazing, the best part of the night for me, Neil was literally in tears.
Mr Nakamatsu is almost inhuman at the piano.

sort of a little gift to the roaring audience Mr Nakamatsu sat down and with out the orchestra behind him played Chopin's Fantaisie-impromptu

a break and then

Just a wonderful evening!

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