Sunday, September 25, 2016

Field Trip Buddy


ALL the Buffalo Bears in the house

 THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CHURCH other than it happen to be in one !
 A few weeks ago I read that a guy whose voice I just LOVE , Matt Alber, the bear chanteuse would be doing a show in Buffalo, just right down the road, and got Neil and I tickets. Neil was a little bit skeptical not really knowing much of his music, but in the end really enjoyed it. Super sort of low key concert, done in this pretty amazing old church - the only religions object was the single big cross in the back - remove it and it could have just been an odd concert hall.

He started with a pal of his playing with him , Jordan Roy, along with the pretty amazingly talented music director for this church ( this church must have a money printing press in its basement, it is beautiful, and massive ). The three of them started off the show with my favorite Matt Alber song

 He then went on to give a very intimate , personal about 90 min show, just  him and piano , guitar or just on his on, just a delight.
The church posted some of the songs on their site , if i gan figure out how to , I will add them to this post,
 and a super friendly nice guy, very generous to the guys playing with him. Funny and sweet, just gave a great little show. Odd that it is in a church , we were in pews but other than that , it was a real 90's sort of Trackside Tavern vibe, what with the gays and all.

 sorry these are so dark, they are all darn cute guys

He spoke with everyone after the show. Several folks from this church came to the show - he said he had sung there this morning as well, and Matt said to an older lady in front of us that he was " just happy to have some women at his show, it very rarely happens ".

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