Sunday, September 4, 2016

After the boys of summer have gone

Saw " real  " summer out with a flurry of baseball, didn't really go much at all this season, and then was there three times in the final week of home games.

Our pal Jack, who is on the Redwings board does not live here anymore, I'm guessing this is one of the main reasons that we dont go as much - but he ( and his killer parking ) were in town for the week, so we went to see the games as well as spend time with him , and our our other pals there at the ball park. It really can be like a little family when everyone is there..

Wings won the penultimate home game in a great bottom of the 9th hit from a 0-0 pitcher duel. Which was just loads of fun to watch. We had a really great time.

Not so much the final home game, which we really had not planned on going to, but it was such an amazingly beautiful day, that it just made sense. Mistake , because all of Rochester had the exact same thought and the place was a mad house. They sold SRO tickets, so the park was way over full. Too long of lines to get anything to eat or drink and I just am not good with super tight crowds - AND they lost the game which means they did not make the playoffs this year.

Top it all off with non of the pics I took, came out - so. BUT the other two were a blast and very happy that we went. See them again in the spring when the temps hit 70º.

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