Sunday, September 25, 2016


45 - 14
and it was not as close as 45 to 14 sounds ....

The University of Missouri Fighting Tigers beat the Delaware State Hornets 79 to nothing yesterday in a game that was shortened by, I think 10 min. THAT is exactly what UGA's trip to Oxford felt like on Saturday.

A drumming of historic proportions, joining the 2011 42 - 10 from LSU and the '08 49 - 10 blow out in Jax. Coming very close to the disputed 1943 48 - 0 killing by Georgia Tech.

Man handled , beat up, trounced - Siri says " soundly defeated " - and it was from the get go. Before folks could take there seats in the house that Eli built, it was 17 nothing - it looked as if our defense was still out in The Grove having bloodies and a ham biscuit, and it went down hill from there. The only bright spot that I saw was our very young phnom of a qb ability to get the ball to receivers - who lacked ANY ability to hold on to that thrown ball. Many many dropped very catchable passes. Not at all sure how you fix that - Elmers glue? And since when did the land of Walsh, Butler and Robinson NOT have a freaking kicker - that is just unfathomable.

The blame game started before the Pride of the South marching band could get off the field at half time.. RICHT would have done better! Which the answer to that is full out bullshit. This IS Mark Richt's team that Kirby Smart is majorly struggling with in 2016. He is playing the hand that he was delt. Now, calling Hershel Chubb up the middle 4000 times was Smarts fault - again, that is going with what you have. ( Note to UGA coaching staff - everyone has our number on that one )

SO, you wake up on Saturday morning knowing that you we were going to face The Roll Tides in Atlanta come December, and you go to bed with the MOST hated word in all of college football : rebuilding.

The LOUD and HAPPY singing of Rocky Top later on that day did not help the Bulldawgs Nation's mood, as all that orange rolls into Athens this coming weekend.

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