Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Busy Little Beavers

Y'all know the gist, nothing going on - you get 10 posts on what Koda and I did today. We are busy, out doing things , seeing folks and you get crickets. On top of that, when I did take pics they were lousy. Bad Blogger!

 Monday Night

Our pals Jack and Linda were in town and took us out to dinner, a lovely time and we were back in home just in time for the debate. WHICH WE WILL BE GETTING TOO!

 Then tonight we had book group over at Virginia's very lovely home - which I really should have taken photos of, it is very nice, but food and pets... good job Kyle. Yes, I took eggs .
 A very sweet old kitty!

and a literal wall of Pumpkin Spice at Wegmans..

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