Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We hardly got to know you!
Stupid Foo Fighters, Stupid Top Chef, Stupid Universe!
Ok, so we were in the land of no cable anything last Wednesday, but Dan told me that my West Coast Boyfriend was kicked off, so I knew it was coming. But, it was still painful to watch! Little baby bear getting all teary on tv!.
  Now, about the show. The challenge was to make a Thanksgiving dinner for the band the Foo Fighters for SOME REASON were in ROCHESTER. So, they cut to the product placement car de jour , drive past the WATERFALLS on the Brooklyn Bridge, past a 490 sign, past some city type houses, then a WELCOME TO ROCHESTER sign. "Thanksgiving" bright, sunny and warm this far north. It was filmed July 28 this past summer. They also went to some silly ass tiny grocery store that is not even close to downtown. But the whole big phony thing was that on the show it was all in one day. 
Get to Rochester, shop, cook outside in your made up kitchen, serve, see the concert, get back to New York City, and have the Judges Table. Just makes me wonder how much time is manipulated on all the shows. I mean, I know it's a stupid TV show and all, BUT its my favorite tv show and I don't want them mess with it!  They already kicked off my west coast boyfriend and all.... 
Now, I am watching the NEW Top Chef... filmed, I guess the week after , ( day after??) July 28th. BUT , the winner is going to be on The Today Show in the morning, making a New Jersey Tomato Salad ,that was all the yummy in high summer, it will by gross at Christmas time....time time time. 

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