Friday, July 31, 2009

" Here's to Brother Barack, Brother Barack, Brother Barack..."

He's Happy, He's Jolly, He's not drunk by golly!

I am having too much fun with this whole thing. 

Pam Spaulding had been doing some very good writing on the VERY missed issue in this entire case , as I have written about many times here on the k+b : CLASS IN AMERICA. 

The President and Dr. Gates are the upper upper upper strata of America. Sgt. Crowley is the picture of " working class America". Simply listen to the three men speak....
Ms. Spaulding points out that President Obama and his real life good friend Dr Gates WOULD NOT sit out in the yard and drink a beer together... really.  So, added to the entire white /black thing is the whole UNSPEAKABLE truth of class in America.

Check out Pam's House Blend, if you are interested, at all.

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