Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take Me Out...

Well, darn.

Last Friday, Jack called and said " come to the game with me! " ... Well, Neil had just got home, he was sick.. and the truth .. it was CAMP DAY. Kids, kids and more kids, so.. we did not go. VERY rare for us to turn down a baseball game, AND LOOK WHAT WE MISSED : KEITH OLBERMANN WAS THERE!

Everyone should know that he has been on vacation for a while now. Lounging on some South Sea beach? Hob-knobbing with starlets in Miami? NO! Taking a tour of AAA baseball parks and hitting Cooperstown for Induction week. He has a fantastic baseball blog. He does know this area, he is a Cornell grad.

Could I love him anymore? 
( the pic is of him in Cooperstown..)

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