Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fly like an Eagle

As all of Atlanta is gathering their animals two by two, a 100 or so brave folks gathered in front of City Hall in that pouring rain, to protest the Atlanta Police's raid on the levi/leather bar ( just wanted to give some of yall something to google...) The Eagle.

I am not sure who this guy is but I more than love him a little bit for making my floor-of-the-Eagle joke again....

Atlanta is a HUGE gay magnet. Every gay man in America knows some guy who has moved to Atlanta, so this is a big national blog story . ( but all the really cool kids move away from Atlanta to really small upstate New York hamlets...) Andy Towle is really leading the way READ MORE HERE.

I will keep the k+b readers abreast of this story as it develops, this one is NOT going away.

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