Friday, January 22, 2010

coffee, tea or oh, I don't know .. a full blown dose of big crazy?

I have spent the last 76 minutes , a life time really for the king of all unmediated ADDers, doing nothing but googling my stubby fingers to the bone looking for : " What do the teabaggers want/believe in ? "

Ok, in all honesty, a tiny bit of that time was spent ogling this 1904 Georg Jensen sterling silver five-piece coffee and tea service in his blossom pattern.
"The service consists of a hot water kettle on stand (9 1/2" high), coffee pot (8" high), tea pot (5 1/2" high), oval sugar (3 3/4" high) and creamer (3" high). All handles are in ivory. Each pieces bears impressed company marks for Georg Jensen #2, #2C or #2D. Except for the hot water kettle on stand, all of the pieces bear an inscription on their base. The service is in excellent condition."
Yes, it is Ivory, and I hate that and all, but come on,Dumbo has been dead a long , long time, and I would respect and honor his sacrifice every time I used this.
The 28k , plus shipping and insurance price tag snapped me right back to President Obama's unmarried mother giving birth in Kenya.

I found LOTS and LOTS of what the Tea Bag set Does Not Want... almost all , really, 90% is less taxes, but could find almost nothing about what they want. Well, concretely, what they want. They want, lower taxes, better jobs, good health care for all, MORE medicare ( or caid, I get the two mixed up,they want old people covered, but not young poor people..) But all in sort of a " we are not tin foil hat crazy people ", sort of way. Oh, and there are too many brown people... they seem a little fixated on that.

So, I figured that if I go to President Elect SCOTT BROWN'S website, the darling-de-jour of the Earl Grey crowd, THAT would tell me what they want. Wow.. a little bit of an eye opener here. Mr. Brown wants health care for everyone, a clean environment, MUCH stronger public schools, a two state solution for Israel and Palestine, abortion on demand - till late in the pregnancy, and for states to have all the gay marriage they want! Let's list those again, just for fun:
  • Health Care for Everyone ( just like in his home state)
  • a clean environment
  • Much stronger PUBLIC Schools
  • two state solution in Israel ..... ( ?? )
  • ABORTION ON DEMAND, till you know, it gets messy. I am REALLY guessing that all the folks who are touting him as the second coming of Sam Adams do not know this about him.
  • Cool if the homos do their thing in Massachusetts! Ha, again,I bet Earl and Peggy Hater out in Kansas do not know this about him either.....
Yeah, then he goes all MORE GUNS/ LESS BROWN PEOPLE... but come on, it's still freaking New England.. not like that's really a big issue.

So, Taxes... trust me, #1, I live in New York, #2, Everyone wants to pay less taxes. But let's dig just a little bit deeper here. Again, can not find any simple list of " Here is how the tea baggers will deal with taxes". So, to the Queen of them all, the High Priestess of Brewing: Miclele Bachmann , NOT going to link to that big pile of insanity , but here is the money quote:

"I have cosponsored several bills to provide tax relief to hard-working Americans, including bills to repeal the estate tax, reduce capital gains taxes, repeal the alternative minimum tax (AMT), extend the adoption tax credit, and, make permanent other important tax relief passed by Congress in 2001 and 2003. Families and businesses can rest assured I will continue to support efforts to reduce taxes and put more money back in the pockets of American workers."

Yes, rich people pay way too much in taxes. From what I can tell, that is what they are all in the streets about, at least on paper. I'm sure I am all for that adoption thing.. my history and all, but the rest? The rich get richer and the poor get children....

As my Party, my proud Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Democrats head for cover with their OVERWHELMING majority in Congress, and the White House, we bid our Tea Bagging Cousins good bye for now, and am off to eat Indian. You know, where the tea came from in the first place.......


b said...

Hey, don't you mean "Darjeeling du jour?"

Ha! I made a tea punny!

GrammyM said...

Preach on, brother, I'm wid you! Thanks for the research. Good reading for my weary eyes - and ears!

Jeff said...

I enjoyed the commentary. Pretty funny too. My Mom sent me an email with this link (Petition to sign for Obama to prove he is a US citizen). This is the first email I have received from her in many many months. She is a full blown tea-bagger, I guess. I signed it and cut & pasted her email address (so she can get a double dose of political rhetoric in her email box. After you click on the "sign petition" button.....a advertisement to buy books about Obama, pop up. Nice.

Getting rid of the AMT tax would be nice. I just can't wrap my head around the fact there is so much corruption in our Government.....that nothing will ever get fixed. I am sinking into a deep pool of apathy.