Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Odd Couple.....

I tuned into the 11:00 replay of Rachel last night to catch this interview, but the show went live at 11 for Rachel to anchor the msnbc coverage of the tragedy in Haiti. For someone with no real anchor background she did a fantastic job,I don't think there is anything she can not do!

I really am trying not to become OVERLY obsessed with this trial, which I could just so
easily fall down that rabbit hole. It is sort of hard, right now, to over or under estimate the
impact the final final ruling will have. If and when....

Something that I just found out and is most interesting : Rob Reiner ( All in the Family,
Princess Bride, etc.. ) is the deep pocket behind this "Reiner is paying a significant portion
of the pro-gay side's costs" . Please, if you are the type to do this, go his facebook page
and show him a little love......

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b said...

woo hoo! two old white guys saying this stuff sounds completely different, somehow.

and Meathead rocks.

and did I mention I like that Rachel Maddow chick?