Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Breaking story and news is a little bit of a trickle, so let's hope for the best on this one but; Bleckely County, Georgia, once again, and this just breaks my heart.

I wrote yesterday about Bleckely County high school senior Derrick Martin and his upcoming senior prom. After reading about Constance McMillen in Mississippi going to court to be able to take her girlfriend to her own senior prom, Mr. Martin, approached his school officials to ask if he could bring his own boyfriend. Unlike the Mississippi folks, the South Georgia folks said yes. An out pouring of good wishes and love from across the country, flowers, gifts of tuxes and limos, " you are NOT alone Mr. Martin". Things are rosy, right?

From today's Macon paper : "because of the media attention, Martin’s parents have kicked him out and the teen is staying with a friend, he said. (read the rest )

I guess I was wrong. Just yesterday, I wrote : " Great, good for him, as I have said many many times, I can not wrap my brain around how mentally healthy he must be. And what a damn good job his parents did in raising such a brave , fine young man"

"Martin, an honor student who tutors at-risk elementary and middle school students after school, knew the move would be controversial for the town of about 5,200 residents."

Really , Mom and Dad? Really? Your honor student has the courage to be the boy he has always been, and you sink lower than low and do this? How, Why? I am not even thinking clearly as I write this, how disgusting can parents be? I mean, just look at the young man.
If this story is true, and the facts are not all jumbled, Mr. Martin will find that he has a HUGE family out here, of people that can and will love and support him in his life. There is so SO much life outside of that deep South Georgia town, but if he is staying with a friend, if a parent of another kid took him in, I hope he is getting the love and support that he needs there in Cochran. I hope you can know, Derrick, that you have thousands of loving Moms and Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers and Sisters out here.

Weird day for me to be reading and dealing with this. I wrote yesterday that Mr. Martin was the reason that " WE HAVE WON " , but like most victories, it can come with a huge price.

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