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AND! It's a good one.

Mrs. Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald


Main Entry: cy·no·sure
Pronunciation: \ˈ-nə-ˌshu̇r, ˈsi-\

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French & Latin; Middle French, Ursa Minor, guide, from Latin cynosura Ursa Minor, from Greek kynosoura, from kynos oura, literally, dog's tail
Date: 1565
1 capitalized : the northern constellation Ursa Minor; also : north star
2 : one that serves to direct or guide
3 :
a center of attraction or attention

Ok, let's start with a little bit of truth here.
I had this picture in a frame for years and years. I am talking on the shelf beside my bed in Russell Hall. Yes, all the other boys had Miss freaking August or what ever.... I had Zelda Fitzgerald. " And oddly, no one was surprised when I came out ".....

Our word du jour comes from this morning's New York Times, used in a review of some brand new , sadly craptastic, off Broadway play. Along with the word we get a pratictally Faulknerian run on sentence:

"Flashbacks fill in the rest of the story: the halcyon days of her girlhood, when the young Zelda (Rachel Moulton) was the madcap cynosure of society in Montgomery, Ala.; the meeting with Fitzgerald (Michael Shawn Lewis), then an Army officer, and their turbulent on-again, off-again courtship; their dizzying rise to rule the New York and Paris glitterati on the heels of Fitzgerald’s literary success; and the long, harrowing decline as their complicated interdependency took an emotional toll on the marriage."

Are you kidding me! MADCAP CYNOSURE !!! Is it too late for me to have a life's goal??? Here is the rest of the review by Mr. Isherwood :

( if you have to ask....... don't )

Kyle and Zelda, Zelda and Kyle. This was back in the day , pre internets when you had to go to these things called Libraries and use .... books, to be obsessed with people. Not like now, when you can spend hours tracking people on the facebook. ( note to self, despite it all, you are aging WELL....) Little known fact, She and Scott spent the night in Athens, Ga; once, book tour or on the road someplace, the building is still there. I went to the street Scott grew up on, once on a visit St. Paul. There are still Sayre's in Montgomary. Had dinner in Cairo or Bainbridge or Thomasville ( honestly can not remember ..but KNOW it was south GA.. Jenny and Joe's or Lucreita or Lisa..??? ) with some guy who had once danced with Scottie at a party, pretty sure I asked him to dance, so you know, I sort of danced with her....Me and the madcap cynosure ... We go way, way back........

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I am just noticing how very much this pic of Zelda looks like Celia!