Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday March 30th, 2010

My Dad's Funeral.

It was a beautiful day. I woke up bemoaning the fact that , for what ever crazy reason, I decided to stay up talking and drinking with my Aunt Elaine. Something I knew better than years and years and years ago. I am pretty sure it was a good conversation. Fuzzy ,fuzzy morning.
Some church group brought over lunch for us, before the funeral. Breakfast for me, waking up again to a house full of people. Coffee, diet coke, repeat as often as needed, just keep moving forward.

More fried chicken, VERY good mac and cheese with chilies in it, pineapple casserole, two green beans, one all meaty and with little potatoes, casserole 2...
The green beans that I liked..
What I think was the third ham of the week.. this one NOT cooked for 75 min in the microwave. It was a tad clove-ie....
Neil and Jason ( note the pepper sauce...) I was just sort of out of it this morning, everything was going too too too fast. So, no where near enough pictures. Our cousin Jannie was our Julie the Love Boat Director for the week... stand up, sit down, eat, go here, go there.. happy she was there. But it was all so fast, off to the funeral. I really do not remember driving there... odd.
Since we had gone thought three or four hundred cases of beer in the last few days, Neil and I were told to stop and get some more. ( I did not buy enough Bud or Miller light ... what the hell are you doing buying Stella in Winder..) While in the Publix in walked Dana, Angela, Susan, John, Beth, Laura and Dedee! We all had the same idea. We bought beer, they bought beer and wine. A picture that makes me happy, on what was a most sad day.

Meanwhile, back at the house.

I was done. Done.... this was just my time to get through, and I had a house full of Moopahs to help me do it!. This was the time that all the big food was broken out, no pictures - bad Kyle, but like I said, I was just done. Lots and lots of people. I got home, changed cloths and parked myself on the back porch in my own little world. I was kept well beered and we had a darn good time. Exactly what a post funeral should be.
Blueberry congealed salad, made with no extra sugar, only fruit juice. Beth loved it, I will try and get the recipe.
Orange congealed salad, with people.. there was a third. Really,if ever given a choice, you want to be called home in a small Southern town.
Stories were swapped. Laughing... non moopahs drifted out to the screened porch ( yes, the Winder folks in these pics are not true Moopahs...but honorific for the day! ). They would sort of look at us, zoo like, then drift back into the fried food and locals...
Problems were solved....
The young folks, out in the yard... bud light, miller light, dipping skoal. Seems like there were more of them at some point. Friends of theirs, I am related to all of these...Cute short blue dress just finished up her Phd or something, and is getting married next Easter. The colors are a royal blue and sort of a bright sky blue. Prettier than it sounds. Dress is lovely, Notebook is all in order, with lots of pockets.... ( really, if you have a choice, plan your wedding in a small southern don't have to get married there, just make the plans there...)
A picture of Dedee and Beth that just warms my heart of stone, Traffic kept everyone in Winder for a while longer!
After everyone left, I was drunk out, full of good food, and went to visit Laurie's dogs. Some much needed puppy time! There are four... again not enough pictures. I went to bed early, there were some people at the house at like mid-night.

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b said...

My new best friend Laura's Husband John looks like Jimbo in all these pictures (if you squint just a little)