Friday, August 29, 2008

Beth Day : Bellweather

O.K. This is something that would have NEVER crossed my mind. So, the woman ( Gov.Palin) just downloaded a special needs child four months ago. My ONLY thought was .. "damn, she lost that baby weight fast". 
Not so much Beth, who went off on someone not staying at home with the newborn, etc... ( in fairness, she did ask if the Dad was a stay at home father..) Turns out she is not the only one thinking this, Per myexandrewsullivan:

29 Aug 2008 08:19 pm
I've had a few emails on these lines today:
"No sooner did my best friend hear about the Sarah Palin pick did I receive an e-mail from her. It said simply: "Sarah Palin is a Bad Mother!"
I was at work but could not resist giving her a call to follow up. She told me that she was watching CNN and heard that Ms. Palin had 5 children and that one was only 4 months old and born with Down Syndrome. "How in the name of GOD, can she even think about leaving her child or taking her child on the campaign trail for 70 days?" She was indignant."
Let me tell you why My best friend Liz matters. She is 37 years old and Catholic.
My pal Beth is .... 44? and so far from Catholic that it's not even funny.....


Michael said...

And the Veep job is so pressing?

b said...

I think you misunderstood me just a bit. You were so distressed that I was trying to make you feel better by giving you a possible scenario for what the affluent white suburban mothers who live in my bubble just might think. Those '80s family values would have us all at home barefooted, raising the young'uns, right? And I see a lot of very smart women living that (and not only voting R, but giving money).

Personally, I was pretty jazzed to hear stories of Palin holding cabinet meetings in her house so she could be near her kids when she needed to be. Politics and business should be more like that -- we'd be better off. If she's got the support or the energy to give 5 kids (including a high-needs one) all the mother love they need and still run Alaska, I'm only jealous.

But the world isn't like that. And it sure as hell isn't Republican policies that will get us there, so what's the use in even debating who these people are, v. what they will do in office.

Kyle said...


Kyle said...

I did not mean for that to sound as 100% sexist pig as it did. All i meant was could she not wait/ and really, i was just talking about Miss Moose Tracks 78.... I am very much in touch with the gross inequality that women suffer in the working world, bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan and all, with a baby on the hip.... I feel their pain. honestly
Maybe, just maybe , in the case of running the free world, keeping us safe and dealing with encroaching russian imperialism and muslim extreamism, we can have a leader who has all her kids potty trained. That is all I am saying