Wednesday, April 8, 2009

that light is NOT a train....

Cal Thomas, that mustachioed uber Catholic pundit has been on that road to Damascus. Well, maybe that is stretching it, I am pretty sure he has not found a new religion, but, it does look a little like he is throwing in the towel on Marriage Equality: ( and he tosses us the bone of a SHOWTUNE in the process)
"Most of those who are disturbed about same-sex marriage are not as exercised about preserving heterosexual marriage. That’s because it doesn’t raise money and won’t get them on TV. Some preachers would rather demonize gays than oppose heterosexuals who violate their vows by divorcing, often causing harm to their children. That’s because so many in their congregations have been divorced and preaching against divorce might cause some to leave and take their contributions with them.
The battle over same-sex marriage is on the way to being lost. For conservatives who still have faith in the political system to reverse the momentum, you are—to recall Harold Hill—“closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge.”
Yesterday was a lot to take in , all at once. This week.. has been a lot to take in, all at once.
"By a vote of 100-49 the Vermont House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Jim Douglas' veto! Marriage equality comes to Vermont! The fourth state to approve same-sex marriage, Vermont is the first to do so legislatively, rather than by judicial fiat."
Washington DC's City Council has voted unanimously to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states where such unions are legal. ( The same deal that I have here in New York)
and on a little bit of a lesser note, but a little bit of a symbolic victory:
The White House is allocating tickets for the upcoming Easter Egg Roll to gay and lesbian parents as part of the Obama administration's outreach to diverse communities.

All of this added to the FANTASTIC news in IOWA. 
Gays and Lesbians in this country have had to learn to live of table scraps AND be happy about it, do it with a smile. President Bill Clinton all but lip sinks I WILL SURVIVE on the Arsineo Hall show, and then lets Sam Nunn force him to sign D.O.M.A. President Barack Obama says all the right things, loves the gays, then has that BIG FAT LIAR Rick Warren to give the benediction at his Inauguration. Vermont just gave us a big ole juicy steak. ( or tofu for the more PC set...) 
The right wing's battle cry over gay rights has been WILL OF THE PEOPLE , and that oh-so-wrong canard of judicial activism, with the Vermont House and Senate ruling on Marriage Equality , and not the Courts , that argument is laid to rest.
Now comes some interesting stuff. How will the collective WE ( kyle+blog speaking for the whole glbtqi (lmnop) world) handle this. It has always been about the struggle, always been about the fight. This really could , at last be the true beginning of the end of this story. Lets just all take a deep breath, close our eyes and imagine a world where all the energy, all the fierce power that has been put into the pro and anti marriage equality battle were put into .... literacy? hunger? global warming? 
There is a brave new world coming , kiddies.... and it can not get here fast enough.

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